Jake "The Genocide Hero" is the leader of a group of cyborg militants that fought in a war around 7 years before the game's beginning. He was put into cryogenic sleep for 7 years because he and his squad were accused of killing many innocent civilians during a skirmish. He is awakened at the beginning of the story to stop the Orgamech outbreak on Nanomachine Island.

Jake is of an average physique and has long white-blond hair which stops at his shoulders. His body is made of some type of metal and seems to be entirely mechanic, except for his head which is the only part of his actual body left visible. Jake obtains a few special abilities (called Boosters) during the game. Some of which are Plasma Storm, a wide range energy blast that damages many enemies at once, Speed Up, which increases Jake's speed for a limited amount of time and Status Boost, a buff which enables Jake to ignore interruptions during combo attacks and reduces damage taken. All Boosters are obtained at some point within the game. Jake also has a combo list which can be upgraded with special nanomachine cores that come in different levels and colors indicating which slots of the combo list they can occupy.